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Chelsea midfielder Deco spoke yesterday of his desire to return to his native Brazil, with a move to Fluminese of Rio de Janeiro imminent. The club look set to release the 32-year-old Portugal international from the final year of his £120,000-a-week contract because his young son David Luiz is seriously ill in Brazil.

Deco joined Chelsea from Barcelona for £8m in June 2008 and played 28 games last season as Chelsea won the League and FA Cup double.

Deco said: "It's been 13 years since I left Brazil for playing in Europe. Now I want to go back home and play in my country because I have never been able to win a title there. I want to return to Brazil most of all because of personal reasons but I am still in contract at Chelsea and I have to resolve that. I expect to have my situation resolved before 26 July."

надеюсь с его сынишкой будя все хорошо.
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Deco to quit international scene
By PA Sport February 04, 2010

Deco to quit international scene
"I will end my cycle after the World Cup," Deco told Radio Globo...

Portugal and Chelsea midfielder Deco has announced he will retire from international football after the World Cup.

The Brazil-born player, who was granted Portuguese citizenship after six years in the country, has been an ever present in the Portugal side since a scoring debut in the 2-1 win over Brazil in 2002. However, this summer's World Cup in South Africa will be his last appearance on the international stage.

"I will end my cycle after the World Cup," Deco told Radio Globo. "For my age and because it is tiring, I will say goodbye to the national team after the World Cup."

Deco has won 71 caps for Portugal and was a key part of the team which finished runners up in Euro 2004.

The 32-year-old also revealed he wants to return to Brazil at the end of the 2010/11 season, but only after winning the Barclays Premier League with Chelsea.

"The title for Chelsea will be my professional fulfilment," added Deco, who has won league titles with Porto and Barcelona.

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Oct. 30th, 2009 02:47 pm
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к месячному дню рождения своего 5 (ПЯТОГО) ребенка Софии, Деко играет и забивает. мне пофиг, чессно, что у челюскинов дела идут преотлично в их лиге, я просто рада, что он играет.

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"Деку хорошо поработал, у него боевой настрой. Впереди у него важный сезон перед Чемпионатом Мира. Сегодня он сыграл очень хорошо. Отличился сам и был полезен команде".(c)chelsea-fc.ru

ну наконецто его выпустили играть!!! ня ня ня ня ня ня

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в Gettyimages.com по запросу "барселона" выдаецо первые 20(!!!) фото летающего Ибры, а потом уже тренировку Барсы.


Бедный бедный Декочко.
"I am getting tired of Europe, but out of respect for Chelsea, I will stay on this continent a while longer," Deco told A Bola.



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по ртр спорт показывают финал лиги чм 03/04 Порту-Монако

тада же аленичев (земляк-с) забил 3 гол...а декочко 2, а альберто 1

видимо знак...декочко пора в интер, к жозе. нелюблю жозе. не люблю интер. без комментариев..но если бэйби ушел в Челсиииииииии...а я его все еще ляблю...то...эх)))
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Speculation mounts that Ronaldinho could be heading back to Brazil with Corinthians leading the chase.

Club chairman Andres Sanchez is rumoured to be considering an audacious bid to sign both Ronaldinho and Deco. Its been reported that Sanchez travelled to Europe two weeks ago to check out Deco. Although matching his wages at Chelsea would seemingly be impossible.

However, according to Neto, a former Corinthians star and now television pundit in Brazil, contact has been made with Assis, Ronaldinho's brother and agent, with a view to beginining negotiations to repatriate the former world player of the year.

Chelsea midfielder Deco has revealed that he is in talks with Inter Milan regarding a move to Italy and a potential reunion with manager Jose Mourinho.

The Portuguese after a good start, now admits his recent lack of action has left him frustrated; adding that he feels a switch to Serie A would allow him the opportunity to reignite his career.

"I can confirm I'm talking with Inter," said Deco in The Sun. "I didn't get to play much this year at Chelsea and a move to Italy would be a very good solution.

"To be coached by Mourinho again would be very interesting. But I don't want to go into details, because it's not me who's dealing with the matter."

Mourinho recently admitted that he could be in the market for a Portuguese player this summer, saying: "If I sign any Portuguese, it may be a Portuguese who isn't in Portugal. But I won't name names."

While it appears that Deco could be the man he was hinting at, reports suggest the Inter coach could also be weighing up a move for Chelsea's Portugal international defender Ricardo Carvalho.
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Deco is expecting a child with Ana Paula Shiavetti, their first child together

Ana Paula has 2 months of pregnancy and she was actually expecting to get pregnant way before.

Deco already has Jazmim and David 6 - 1 year old with Jaciara and João Gabriel, 7 years old, and Pedro Henrique, of 5 with ex wife Scylia back in Brazil.
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Divorce is final, says Deco wife
By Fiona May

Chelsea midfielder Deco's marriage is over - a year after allegations he cheated with a prostitute.
His wife Jaciara Diaz revealed their divorce had been finalised, saying: "My heart's open to love again."
The pair, both 31, split last March after the £92,000- a-week Portuguese star was pictured with the prostitute in a London club.
Deco is thought to have agreed to give Brazilian ex-model Jaciara £9,000 a month, buy her a house and pay upkeep for kids Yasmin, five, and one-year-old David, who has a rare life-threatening immuneweakening illness.
He met Jaciara in 2002 and got her pregnant while his first wife was also expecting. They wed in 2005. (c) people.co.uk

Deco is the newest ambassador for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which addresses social challenges through a worldwide programme of sports-related community development initiatives. Since its inception in 2000, Laureus has raised more than €15 million (now about £13.5m) for projects that have helped to improve the lives of more than 750,000 young people, and supports almost 70 projects worldwide.(c)timesonline
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все меньше и меньше фото с улыбками, да, Декочко?! :(((

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Luiz Felipe Scolari has been dismissed as manager of Chelsea Football Club today (Monday) with immediate effect.

даже Великие Бразильцы не могут вытащить Этот клуб из...ЖОПЫ
да простит меня Деко, не место ему там.

п.с.почитала Пелевина. нафига спрашивается. или умереть со смеху или захлебнуцо слезами. понравилось. особенно про мухоморы :)
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вышел, забил, победили...эх, Барса Барса.

а челюскинсы продули Ливеру. опять. вали Деко оттуда, валиииии...)))

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Барса с 50-ю очками смотрицо Х О Р О Ш О. и добавить нечего.


Декочко тем временем не играет, у него что то там с мышцами. Жалько.
Так же он собирается вернуцо в Бразилию как только его контракт с Челси закончицо. эххх...я буду скучать.:)

Сеня начинается новый Хаус.
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HENRY 20' , 28' , 79'

very nice.

а тем временем Декочко забивает прекрасный год "через себя" Болтону.

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Deco gives few clues on how to play)

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while Barca goes 0-1
Хосеп Гвардиола был крайне не доволен игрой, которую продемонстрировала его команда в первом матче нового чемпионата. По его мнению, "Барса" сыграла просто отвратительно.
После шока, который испытала "Барселона" на 13 минуте, когда ее ворота поразил игрок "Нумансии" Марио, она была уже не в состояние оправиться и так и не смогла поразить ворота соперника, хотя моменты для этого были. Стоит отметить, что за последние 14 лет "Барса" не роигрывала в стартовом матче чемпионата. Главный тренер "Блауграны" был озадачен подобным результатом: "Мы сыграли ужасно. Игроки постоянно проигрывали соперникам позиционную борьбу, что, по-моему, и стало роковой ошибкой. В целом, мы не смогли сыграть так, как могли бы. Будем стараться в следующих матчах"."Каждый игрок знает, что от него требуется. Однако этот матч провалил не один игрок, а вся команда. Мы плохо шли в атаку и не использовали предоставленное нам место в штрафной соперника. Результат вполне заслуженный для нас".(c) barca.ru


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